Pricing for live events ranges so much from event to event, here are a few time-saving tips to get the best rate from your performer!

In order give you the most competitive, accurate quote, have these answers on hand in an email or before you speak with your entertainer:

  1. Date

  2. Location 

  3. Hours live music is needed

  4. Style/Genre of Music Preferred

  5. Amount of people attending


 A few good questions to ask your entertainer:

  1. Do you do this as a full time job?

  2. Do you have a degree in music?

  3. Do you have client testimonials I can look at?

  4. Do you provide your own sound equipment?

  5. Do you have some samples you can send me?


Call or email your entertainer and you can get a good feel if they are the right person for your event right away.  After factoring all the options pick the one who fits your event best and get ready to have an amazing time! To contact dylan Click HERE