How to Book Corporate Entertainment

If you are asking yourself "How do I book entertainment for my next corporate event?" 

So, the best way to figure out how to book your next corporate entertainer is by figuring out the following: 


Which type of corporate event are you having: 

Appreciation Event - informal worker gathering, usually the most fun; cruises, converters, sports events, etc. 

Board Meeting - review of business performance 

Company Milestone Event - celebration of the accomplishments of the workers and/or company 

Executive Retreat/Incentive Program - business development, organizational planning paired with leisure 

Golf Event - a corporate leader favorite, it’s pretty self explanatory 

Product Launch - internal meetings or launch parties, these feel like parties. Apple and Tesla love launches. 

Seminar/Conference - delivering a tailored message to a targeted audience, usually with keynote speakers and multiple topics 

Trade Show - the flea market of the corporate world, a showcase of companies products/services with the goal of lead generation 

Team Building Event - typically outdoors, physically involving activities to let the employees bond in a non-work setting 


Keep in mind these extremely important ideas when choosing your entertainment: 

- A performance that will not be offensive or politically incorrect 

- A performer that can work to read the audience an perform accordingly 

- A balance of familiarity and something complete unique 

- Appealing to all demographics and audiences 

- A highly experienced and reliable professional performer 


Chose the most well suited entertainment for that event: 

Full Band 


Fire Performer 



Solo Musician/Looping Artist 


There are many very different options when choosing entertainment, but sometimes choosing something “good” isn’t 

always choosing something that will fit the event well, even if the performance itself is great.  You want something that 

will fit the overarching theme and mood of the event itself.  A performer that is able to tailor their performance is of 

tremendous value, as most performers have mastered a “show” but the show is always the same show. 

Knowing that your entertainer not only has experience, it’s also a good idea to read their client testimonials, 

watch videos of them performing and see if their style of performance will be the right fit for your event


Full Band - They are best suited for large scale appreciation events and party like atmospheres.  The energy of a full band is excellent, but they will require a large amount of staging area, time to set up and break down, available electrical outlets.  They are usually best suited for very large, louder events as full bands are typically the loudest of all the performances. 

DJ - Another great choice for appreciation events.  A DJ is a great choice of the goal is to get the dance floor bumping, but most corporate events do not call for this type of entertainment.  Sometimes a DJ is an option best suited as a follow-up act to another performer, when everyone has had a few drinks and wants to dance. 

Fire Performer/Cirque Performer -  Potentially a good choice for a product launch related to fire or a special event at an executive retreat. 

They can be one of the most spellbinding performers you will find, but there is always an inherent risk involved when using fire in a performance. 

Magician - A good fit for a seminar or a trade show, they usually have a very dynamic show that intrigues audiences and almost everyone loves magic.  Over time has become an expected choice of many corporate planners and is a solid choice, but magicians typically will require a large space, a backstage area for setting up and for full and undivided attention for the duration of the performance. 

Solo Musician/Looping Artist - They have an easy set up, require little space and can typically be a center stage type of performance or a background music/ambiance setting performance where it doesn’t have to be the center of everyone’s focus.  A looping artist is able to sound like a full band but only by themselves.  Looping allows the performer to create many layers of their instrument to give the effect of many people playing simultaenously.  This is an ideal choice for appreciation events, company milestone, seminar/conference, and a nice addition to the atmosphere of a trade show. 


Once you’ve decided what type of performer you want, look over the following criteria and make sure you get an experienced professional who will be reliable and able to compliment the atmosphere you are trying to create.  It is always a good idea to ask the performer for: 

- credentials 

- client testimonials 

- website, social media, video/audio 


Generally, golf events, board meetings and team building events aren’t well suited for most forms of entertainment, however, if you really want to go above and beyond in your creative planning, you really can’t say never.

Dylan Galvin (Dylan like “Bob Dylan”, Galvin like “Calvin and Hobbes” with a “G”) is a singer/songwriter and live performer in Los Angeles, CA.  Follow him on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.    



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