About Dylan...

Add a pinch of Jim Carrey and a dash of  Henry Cavil to a seasoned touring musician and you get Dylan Galvin.   Childlike charm and clever catharsis makes for his  overwhelmingly convincing characters.  He lives every role, whether he's the Rom-Com boy next door, spearheading a prison break or hunting for serial killers.  

He's an actor, songwriter and guitarist who's love for good stories led him into a career of getting to become one every time he goes to work.  In 2016 he said goodbye to his hometown of Hollywood, MD (yeah...it's a real place...google it)  jammed a small Honda with everything he owned and drove across the country until he hit Hollywood, CA.  

 Holding a B.A. in Professional Music from Berklee, he's made a living from the stage since 2009.  In his first year of acting he landed lead and principal roles in over 20 films, the beginning of his very quickly moving career.  His work includes commercials for Intel, Samsung, His House, A Netflix original series and a TV show with David Allen Grier. 

His favorite roles: guitar-strumming love-interest, man with uncompromising morals and  cool headed serial killer. 


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