1. The Lass
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The Lass

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This song goes out to anyone who has lost a good woman.


 Behind the weathered wood and stone
and shards of broken glass
A child born without a dime would grow up all too fast
With hair of silk, a voice of gold, she'd make her parents proud
She'd sing the world her songs of hope and buy this dying town
Late at night when cold rushed in she lay hungry and tired
But nothing could ever put out her fire

Sweet as wine she left, the world drank her by the sip
Growing warm inside they all saw money dancing from her lips
Fame and fortunes leaky ship saw waters rising higher
But nothing could ever put out her fire

She'd been bought and sold like aged merlot the world had drank it's fill
Years had passed this aging lass eventually grew ill
But her spark had set a blaze that stayed when her heartbeat had expired
Nothing will ever put out her fire