1. The Chesapeake
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The Chesapeake

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We'd drive the Chesapeake Bay Bridge every summer on our way to Sea Colony...I'd look out the window and think...wow if we fell of this bridge...we'd be so dead. We'd hop in our friends boats and have tube wars on the weekends....the Chesapeake was the home of my childhood and so many good years. This song is for everyone who knows about this place.


The murky waves tickling the ground
The orange sky when the sun goes down
The innocence I lost and the friends I had found
Oh, the Chesapeake

The never ending city’s pulse
The window of a shuttle bus
I swear this won’t be the end of us
Oh, the Chesapeake

I’ve been rearranging everything I own
To try and make it feel a little more like home

The night we went to see a full eclipse
The first time my heart had ever skipped
Under stars that envied as we kissed
Oh, the Chesapeake

Don’t grow up
Don’t grow old
Keep those streams and water holes
Let the kids play along the shore