The Vaits Part 2 | And a Happy New Tavern

The Tavern, 4975 St Leonard Rd, St. Leonard, MD

If you aren't able to see The Vaits at the Ruddy Duck, you have one more chance to see them this year.

Dylan and Josh have decided to have a guitar battle. Winner gets the loser's car. (maybe). Josh doesn't know about this, actually, but Dylan would really like to have Josh's car. So make sure you let them both know you read this in the event description and that if Josh looses, he will have to give his Ford Focus to Dylan. Not only will this be great for Dylan, but also, the stakes will be considerably higher and the duel will be even more entertaining.

Call the Tavern in advance to get info on the show and inquire about any drink specials. (410) 586-2225

4975 St Leonard Rd, St Leonard, MD 20685

No Cover 21+