How much do you charge?

 Just let me know what you're looking for and I can send you a very competitive quote that is custom fit exactly for your event. You can email me at dylangalvinmusic@gmail.com and take a look at the "rates" page to get the best quote and value possible.  


I'm having an event but I don't want the music to be loud, so my guests can talk, are you able to do that?

Of course! Although I can play upbeat and fun music, I'm able to provide an ambiance that is perfectly suited for creating a mood for your guests, that is relaxed and provides an atmosphere where they can mingle and talk without having to compete with the volume. 


I want to start the night off mellow but want the crowd dancing later in evening.  What do you recommend?

I have a list of professional DJ's that are the perfect compliment for the later hours in the night.  I can start the night, play some familiar songs to get your guests smiling and after everyone catches up and the mood is right, the DJ can take over and the dance party can begin!


Why not just hire a DJ?

There is actually a scientifically verifiable connection between a live performer and a crowd that you don't get with a DJ.  Live performers create unique takes on songs, emotionally connect with songs they have played and honed over thousands of performances and can deliver an experience that nothing pre-recorded can emulate.  A pre-recorded song simply can't create the nuance and experience of a musician performing their own rendition of familiar songs you love.  


Should we meet up before the event?

 We absolutely can, but it is rarely if ever necessary.  Unless you plan on having an anti-gravity party on Mars, pretty much everything can be worked out over the phone or via email.  Event planners and professionals (like you) usually have really busy schedules and I have a system in place to get all the information to make your event special while requiring as little time and effort on your part as possible. 


How much do you charge?

 Send me an email with the details of your event (see the "rates" page for what info to have ready) and I'll send you a competitive quote! Email me at: dylangalvinmusic@gmail.com


I love string quartets, why hire an acoustic guitarist instead?

A skilled acoustic guitar player can create the richness of a string quartet with their instrument and cost way, way less than most string quartets.  You'll only need to hire one person, you won't need nearly as much space, planning or coordinating.  Acoustic guitar is very good at creating nostalgia and romance and is an instrument everyone is familiar with yet classically beautiful sounding. 


Can you play the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception?

Absolutely.  I can play distinctly different feels for all three and even recommend songs and set lists just for your event. I can even play music while the guests arrive and leave.  I have a perfectly suited repertoire of beautiful acoustic songs, both instrumental and with vocals that I can custom arrange to fit your event


I want something other than "Pachelbel's Canon", can you play other songs for the ceremony?

Absolutely.  If you send me an email: dylangalvinmusic@gmail.com I'll be happy to make some suggestions or even learn one just for you. 


What songs do you perform?

A full set list can be found on my page called "set list". 


Do you travel?

Why yes I do!  I have traveled far and wide to perform at all kinds of events: Los Angeles, Newport, Laguna Beach CA, Albuquerque NM, Tempe AZ, Alexandria  VA, Southern MD, Boston MA, Key West FL .  Just let me know where you are based in and I'll take care of logistics! My past performance locations and reviews of past events can be found HERE.


You don't happen to know any good wedding planners or DJ's do you?

Why yes, I do.  I actually have some very highly lauded wedding planners, professional DJ's and agencies on standby.  I'd be happy to send you their information to make your big day go smoothly. Send me an email at dylangalvinmusic@gmail.com and I'll get you some great ones!


What are your credentials?

I'm a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Berklee College of Music in Boston MA with a degree in Professional Music.  I've toured the entire US, been featured in some of the biggest music blogs in the country, including PASTE, Kings of A&R, Alternative Addiction, had private songwriting sessions with Paul Simon and I've played over 1,200 shows since 2009.   You can also see a list of client reviews/testimonials on the "Reviews" page of my website to see what other people are saying. 


What do I need for you to hold a date?

Once I receive I signed contract from you, the date is yours and will stay yours! If your'e interested in booking me, you can get a free quote HERE.