Dylan Galvin: 

“Nostalgic Pop Storyteller”

"Whether exuberant or philosophical… Dylan Galvin delivers music from the heart" - The Daily Vault


Dylan Galvin grew up with a near obsessive love of movies and music in a sleepy town called Hollywood, Maryland. It wasn’t until he moved across the country to Hollywood, California that he would combine his love of both. Incorporating elements of nostalgia and cinema into is music, he invites adventure in his music and in his real life. He's run a half marathon through an icy river and electrified wires, once escaped a gang and even tracked down a thief who pickpocketed him all the way to their home address out of state.

Building on the success of his two EPs and inspired by his time at Berklee College of Music, where the legendary Paul Simon handpicked him out of a crowd of his peers, Dylan Galvin’s relentless dedication to authentic storytelling and lyrics is what resonates with listeners. He also contributed to the score, sound design and music editing of the recent documentary that chronicles the tension between church and government "The Essential Church”, made it to the #1 Documentary spot on The Apple TV Store. 

Dylan Galvin is an earnest artist known for his dynamic musicianship, blending the cinematic with the lyrical. Dylan continues to evolve as a musician, offering a unique blend of styles that captivate audiences. He has been featured in PASTE Magazine, Voyage LA and Kings of A&R and has toured the US from coast to coast playing for the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium and celebs like Dylan McDermott and Fabio in Los Angeles, CA and a hundred places in between. 

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