"Remember to Play" Logo Competition Update

Thank you so much for showing interest in my contest!   I got a much better response than I expected so you have given me faith that this will be fun battle of creative genius.  I’m excited to see what you…

Logo Competition


I was planning on having a big company design a logo for my upcoming album but I'd rather have something meaningful, personal and something from you.  

If you are my fan…


Modern Music Sucks


“Modern Music Sucks”. This phrase is actually typed into Google a few hundred times a month. Why would people think that? What would give these people the idea that modern music has lost quality and somehow isn’t the same as…


The Search for Everything “Wave One” Album Review



The Search for Everything “Wave One” Review

So is John Mayer’s The Search for Everything “Wave One” EP any good?  Why only four songs?
Well, John Mayer is being smart about his release, knowing how rapidly changing the attention span…


The Most Emotional Songs

Do you love emotional songs that just make you almost tear up right in the middle of them? Maybe it’s a certain lyric that get’s to you, or a vocal melody, or a chord? Maybe the song reminds you of…


Singer Songwriter Genre

Have you ever wondered what exactly the singer/songwriter genre sounds like specifically? Do you have a band or know and artist and would like to know what genre they belong to?

The genre itself has grown considerably in the past…

"The Lass" is a hit!

So last week The local Brewery, The Ruddy Duck turned one of my songs into a beer.   We debuted the beer and I gave the story behind my song "The Lass".  We had a packed house and the beer was…

My Song "The Lass" is Becoming a Beer

You read that right. For the first time, the genius brewers at The Ruddy Duck are crafting a one-time-only Mint Chocolate Stout after my song, "The Lass".  

I would like to invite you, my outstanding fans as well a…

Today I Made the Front Page of the Paper

Today was just like most days; I get up, read a marketing blog, drink something I made in my juicer and get ready for a long day of emails, social media planning, practice, brainstorming fall show ideas, and all the…

Indie Rock Meteorologists from Southern Maryland

Strange delays and ambient effects?
Unique Indie-Rock Vocals?
Long haired trumpet playing, poncho wearing dude named "The Weatherman"?
um....oh yeah, CHECK. 

They are called "Changing Scene".  These ambient alt-indie rockers blend the sounds of…

90 Year Old Who Cleaned the World

I grew up in Drum Point.  It's a little secret cove like neighborhood in Lusby, MD.  The first best friends I ever had, my first day of school, the first time I snuck out, the first time I made out…