Entertainment Options for Your Next Corporate Event

What are your options of entertainment for your next corporate event?  There’s a lot more than you think.  Not all kinds of entertainment are equal, though.  Some acts require the audience to completely shut up and pay full attention while others can perform in a way that allows for some people to catch up and discuss while others can meander over to watch or listen.  Here are five options in order from most intense to most relaxed and you can make a choice. 


Fire Performer/Cirque Acts 


There really is no way you can ever have an act with fire or swords being thrown that doesn’t require the undivided attention of every single person in the room.  This is your full scale the show begins now type of act, so you want to make sure if you have this type of performance, there is a time in the event when everyone can be silent and watch. 


Full Band 

(intensity: 10 - 7) 

Similar to the Cirque Acts, a full band is typically a “shut up and listen” type of performance.  They are usually very interactive and encourage the crowd to get up and dance.  Although with bands, because they are quite loud, people who aren’t really big on dancing or singing along can meander to the outskirts of the room or the event and have a conversation, provided they can hear each other.  Keep in mind this is essentially the loudest of all the entertainment choices. 



(intensity 8 - 4) 

A hypnotist or motivational speaker will require the audiences full attention, but is significantly safer than acts with fire, chainsaws or acrobatics and significantly lower in volume than a band.  They can be fun, usually are very interactive with the crowd and can leave people inspired and talking about the event for a long time. 



(intensity 5 - 2) 

Impersonators are quite amusing.  They can either do a stage show or they can walk around and mingle with people in character.  They are a very good choice a bit more low-key than some of the other performers.  They are also a cost-efficient option and easy to coordinate since you won’t have to have 15 people on your stage. 


Mood Musician 

(intensity 6 - 1) 

These are an ideal choice for a more laid back event.  A mood musician or solo performer is capable of performing popular music that people will recognize but also able to play ambient instrumental music that creates a tone and setting for the event, that will fit with the energy of the room.  They are a perfect fit for an event that needs a less intense performance and can either perform on stage or be the perfect background performances. 

Steal the infographic I made for you.  Handy for when you're deciding and don't want to have to review a blog. 


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