The Best Black Friday Deal Ever

Shivering people are lined up with their faces pale and angry.  The tents wobble and shift in the frigid air.  The doors slide open.  A mob of insane wedge themselves through....screams and battle cries echo through the tall brick walls.  A woman rips a power ranger away from a little boy.  An old man sucker punches a mom for a GoPro.  Two teens ram a shopping cart into a display of XBOXes and grab as many as they can.  Frank Sinatra is singing sultry Christmas songs in the background.  Two people are strangling each other with their scarves in slow motion.  

Ah....Black Friday.  The most disturbing day of the consumer year.  Deals so good they make people crazy. Well, one of my favorite things about you, my fan, is that you're smart and aren't always where the crowd goes.  And since I can bet you probably aren't camping outside of a Best Buy for two days straight to get a TV, I want to make sure you don't miss out on a deal.  

So, from today until that dreadful day, (this friday) I'm offering every song on my website as "name your own price".  That means if you want to get my album for $1, then you pay $1.  If you want to get both my albums for $0, then you pay $0.  If you want to pay $1000 for an MP3, you're insane, but you'll make me really happy.  (but you don't have to pay anything!) 


and ON TOP of that, every single merch item in my store is 50% with promo code: BLACKFRIDAY

but only until friday! 

So instead of this:

You can experience this:

I just wanted you to be able to get a really good deal without having to fight through mobs of insane people.  So enjoy!  I wish you a warm, happy loving thanksgiving with your family and may you stay safe from the madness of black friday. 





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  • Wendy

    Wendy Annapolis md

    Love this Dylan!!!!

    Love this Dylan!!!!

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