Spiritual Implications of Chris Cornell's Suicide, The Devil and Songwriting.  


I'm sitting in a room and I'm hit on air with explaining my song "Why Would the Devil Be Jealous of You"....and I end up talking about how humans try and fill spiritual voids with material things.  Chris Cornell's recent suicide is the perfect example of that.  A man who had everything....looks, talent, success, a family, longevity in the business....and still it wasn't enough....so how did I get there?

In my prep to move to Los Angeles, my lease was up on my apartment.  I had to vacate the premises but I still had one more month before my tour to LA started....so, my good friend Josh Airhart, who looks alot like Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters let me sleep in his recording studio for a month.  It just so happened that his almost next door neighbor is Blak Jak, the host of 97.7 The Rocket, one of the biggest radio stations in Southern MD. 

During my stay at Josh's a female duck decided to build her nest on his back porch.  Every morning when we'd wake up, we'd open the sliding glass door and see her sitting on a nest full of eggs.  We named her "Momma Duck".   One morning, Momma Duck was squawking and screaming furiously and flying all around the back yard.....when I opened the door to see what was going on I saw Blak Jak holding a baseball bat.  

A black snake had slithered down to the nest and was trying to eat the baby ducks, but not on his watch.  We ran around the woods, looking for the evil duck eating black snake and after we realized it had escaped, we started talking music.  Blak Jak loves pushing boundaries and challenging the norm of typical radio station etiquette to help local artist get some airplay, so the interview that follows is just that.  

We talk about my time at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MD, the divorce of my parents, philosophy, religion and the recent passing of Chris Cornell and the spiritual implications of his suicide.  So you could say it was a little heavier than small talk.....



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  • Wendy


    I loved this interview. So proud of you.

    I loved this interview. So proud of you.

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