Six Song Mash-up Provides Good Evidence All Country Sounds the Same

A now viral video shows six different country hit songs mashed into one. The video's creator, Gregg Todd, made the mash-up to illustrate the similarities in popular country music, using pro-tools and a good ear.  Todd was quoted saying "It was the formula at work: a tight, mid-tempo backbeat; a quick, two-verse set-up, often laced with clever wordplay and bouncy, lyrical melody; and — bam — the power chorus to bring it all home and keep them coming back." Not only is the music in the songs almost identical, but the lyrical content is so interchangeable that you're almost able to follow the story as if it is one song.

The six songs in the mash-up are:

  • "Luke Bryan's Drunk on You, written by Josh Kear, Chris Tompkins and Rodney Clawson.
  • Shelton's Sure Be Cool If You Did, writen by Clawson, Jimmy Robbins and Tomkins
  • Cole Swindell's Chillin' It, written by Swindell and Shane Minor.
  • Florida Georgia Line's This Is How We Roll, written by Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Bryan and Swindell.
  • Chase Rice's Ready Set Roll, written by Rice, Rhett Atkins and Chris DeStefano.
  • Parmalee's Close Your Eyes, Iritten by Adam Craig, Trent Tomlinson and Minor.
But it's not all bad and not all or even most listeners or writers are offended. A large part of this phenomenon is attributed to a team of extremely successful writers in Nashville who have a hand in almost everything that makes it to the radio and then a stream of writers trying to mimic the trends they start.  KNIX-FM Radio in Phoenix, AZ even played the mash-up on the air and had a Q&A with some listeners who were avid country fans and although they too noticed the similarities most of them didn't really mind.  

Todd continued: "Not only do I have nothing in particular against the 'formula,' I actually embrace it for the sake of achieving the near-impossibility of getting a song played on the radio," he says. "I heard the similarities in these particular songs and challenged myself to do something creative with it."

Now it's up to you.  Too similar?  A good business model?  Watch and comment below!


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