Photoshoot with Richie Downs

I went to a local Marina in Dowell, MD with my buddy Josh a few months ago.  We met with a photographer, Richie Downs, who has done work for Grace Potter, Jack White and tons of huge names.  Despite the fact that it was cold enough make the cast of Jersey Shore stop hooking up, Richie made us look pretty much like a couple Derek Zoolanders.
I think the photoshoot was worth the wait, let me know which one was your favorite. 
("You guys ready? I've been waiting to go play kickball for an hour now...")

(Although he tries to look away I continue to whisper sweet nothings about dancing naked with ducklings and juggling zygotes and I finally get him to crack....the impenetrable stone face of Josh finally smiles)

(Look ma I'm a ninja....a music ninja...a cold music ninja that is being bitch slapped in the face by a gust of frigid wind)
(It wouldn't be right with out a serious, sensitive, lightly leaning on rusted wall close up)
(Guess what song I was playing? At least name the chord)
(Good thing the guitar is carbon fiber....otherwise, it probably would have cracked in the was about 35 degrees)

Like the photos?  
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