Object Write (Tire Swing)

Tomorrow is the unveiling of my new blog, "The Lyric Snob"!  Please tell your friends and family and share!  Together we will analyticallly ridicule the horrible lyrics of popular music!  Until then, one more object write....

Tire Swing (2/1/2014)

My platinum blonde bowl cut bounces and gleams like an angelic Yorkie as I roll and tumble in the backyard.  My sense heightened and ninja reflexes fully functional as my Nana holds the camcorder close on my movements.  My neon hello windbreaker crinkles and zips against itself with synthetic squeaks.  Climbing up to the tire swing I rock back and forth.  The stagnant water inside, sloshing like an overfilled belly, stale whiffs of sulphur mud and mosquitos don't phase me for a second.  The warm embrace of the summer air parted for my movements and held me close, my Nana's auburn curls.  I can almost taste the moss covered fibers of the thick creaking rope.  My two gabbing aunts yell with encouragement in their New England accents, fueling my efforts of non impressive demonstrations of agility.  

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