Object Write, Styrofoam (1/31/2014)

Tomorrow is the beginning of "The Lyric Snob" Until then, enjoy this object write....


White, airy walls, feeling light and hollow.  The squeaking and popping as I rip it apart.  Sometimes full of melting ice, beads of sweat, cold shitty beer, this time it’s an obstacle between me and a great present.  I tear it apart, the squeaking and popping, little white spherical dots flying everywhere, like confetti on new years eve.  My fingers navigate the different textures, bleached skin of a hollow rubber lizard, fragmenting it into shattered particles.  The plastic cologne of a new set of GI JOE’s with the papery factory smell of the destroyed cardboard packaging.  Coppery sour of adrenaline in my mouth as I rip apart the last plastic housing off of the toy.  The styrofoam holocaust strewn about the modest living room.   Knees first on the old carpet, like a hot burlap blanket, and jumping up and down with victory for a successful birthday spoil.  

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