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Here's an object write about SHEETZ  for all of you who have ever filled up there, see if this paints the picture for you!
Write your own if you're up for it!

Gas Station (2/10/2014)

Teets at the end of black plastic arms of a robot octopi, dispensing awful bitter combustable nourishment to steel cattle, whose rear ends are glowing rubies.  A bone chilling cold sweeps the asphalt floor clean, pierces the openings of my leather jacket and pulls at my skin.  I detach the black handle, ten thousand smeared fingerprints, bacteria, grease, sneezes….squeezing the trigger into the belly of my steel cow.  Glug, glug, glug, the bitter addicting scent seeps out of the whole magic markers and burnt air.  Shoulders clenched and my hands shoved far into my pockets, eyes squinting, tears freezing, I shiver and let out a tense “brrrrrrrrr”.  The sour bite of access air in my mouth, I lean on my car, hoping it will shield me from the wind.  The tall metal poles, like immense push pop with digital displays, counting numbers impossibly fast, try and stop right at twenty!  Shit...missed it.  Hook, click, "would you like your receipt!?"  "NO! I’m too freaking cold to grab a receipt!  How about hot top or a fire place or heater!?" Minute after minute, the octopi reel in cash, spew out that bitter burning liquid for the cows and hand all the money over to the CEO of Sheetz.  

Next sunday, my next post in "The Lyric Snob" will feature BRUNO MARS and his horrendously awful lyrics!! YAY!!!! I still love him, but when you make that much money, you ain't getting way with some BS lyrics.  http://thelyricsnob.blogspot.com

I tagged you if I thought you'd like the words.....I hope you enjoy

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