Object Write of the Day, Fireflies.

Since we're actually only 4 months away from arguably the greatest month in MD, this is for all of you who have caught fireflies before, this is what my experience was like:

Firefly (3/4/2014)

All the kids in the neighborhood scramble with their mason jars. The parents smile and coach them from the unfinished wood porch, “theres one!”. Giggles and screams and the symphony of crickets playing arepetitive pulsing concerto. Cool dew covered grass tickles my feet, the occasional bump of a molehill, or a patch of weeds. Hopping and jumping and reading for those little lemon-lime stars blinking in morse code to one another, probably saying “help, these crazy giants are taking me”. It’s a frenzy of innocent summer fun in our next door neighbors well groomed front yard, dusk dissolving into a freshly swept night sky, littered with the grandfathers of these little blinking bugs. They smell bitter, sour earthy. Sips of coca-cola in between our search parties keeps us amped and jittery, the bubbling sweet bite of dark artificially colored syrup. We race to see who can fill our mason jar up first, sporadic clinks and chimey thuds of clumsy hands dropping them onto the lawn. The porch decorated with beer and strange conversations only adults would understand, the harmonious laughter of good jokes. No better times in life than the natural phenomena of late June in Maryland, surrounding by your friends and family. 

This one came out great.....let me know if you have done this!

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