Modern Music Sucks


“Modern Music Sucks”. This phrase is actually typed into Google a few hundred times a month. Why would people think that? What would give these people the idea that modern music has lost quality and somehow isn’t the same as it used to be?

Maybe….just maybe……its because:

You’re Now Being Manipulated

Literally. This is not a joke or an exaggeration.  Record Labels are actually using psychological warfare tactics (yes one’s used in war and human abduction) to trick you into liking crap. They use a tactic used to brainwash test subjects to addict your subconscious to the hit they are promoting. Seven times is the magic number. They have multi-million dollar budgets and pay radio stations to play songs on tightly calibrated loops to increase the likelihood that if you’re listening to the radio, you’ll hear the new hit this magic number of times and then, once it’s worked it’s way into your subconscious, you won’t rebel against its awfulness.   Labels will have a series of different versions of a song and have focus groups pick what ones they like the best before they release anything.   The art of business has completely outgrown the business of art in the music industry.

Truffle Butter

Truffle Butter was one of the most popular songs in 2015. Do know what “truffle butter” means? Well clearly Wikipedia hasn’t gotten the memo yet:

“Truffle butter is a spread made with butter, truffles and other ingredients such as mushrooms”.

Mmmmm….yummy. Well, Nikki Manaj had a different meaning in mind. This song is actually about having a residue of feces on your genitalia after you’re done having anal sex. Yes, folks. Not only did someone take the time to create a word to describe that, they wrote a song about it. Someone professionally wrote, recorded, produced, released and promoted a song about penis feces.  This is the kind of song that is making it’s way to the radio and being played millions and millions of times.  Anomaly you say?  It’s the only one like that you say?  I guess you forgot about: Skeet Skeet, My Neck My Back, Slob on my Nob, Peacock (this is a little more subtle but go and check out the lyrics).  I understand dirtiness in music in not necessarily a new thing, but in order to keep an increasingly distracted audience’s attention, they’ve raised the bar to pretty extreme levels.


This quote from Scientific American:

““Musicians today seem to be less adventurous in moving from one chord or note to another, instead following the paths well-trod by their predecessors and contemporaries.”


This Group of Song Titles
(group 1)

Hey Jude
Tin Soldier
Cinnamon Girl
Crimson and Clover
A Change is Gonna Come
House of the Rising Son
What a Wonderful World
Space Oddity
A Whiter Shade of Pale

Vs. This Group of Song Titles
(Group 2)

Let Me Love You
Beautiful Life
We Don’t Talk Anymore
On My Mind
I Cant Feel My Face

Notice anything?
The first group uses metaphor, picturesque language and you’ll have quite a hard time finding other songs with the same names…why? Because they are original and creative. The second group? Sounds like things that a 16 year old at a party might say while fighting to pretend to be sober. Flat, bland, trite. BTW the first group of song titles comes from the 60’s, the second group comes from 2017.


This Video.


If you’d like a break from the monotony, the blandness, the third grade reading level kind of music and would like to hear a few completely mind-blowing modern songwriters who would embarrass any top 40’s nonsense:

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