Indie Rock Meteorologists from Southern Maryland

Strange delays and ambient effects?
Unique Indie-Rock Vocals?
Long haired trumpet playing, poncho wearing dude named "The Weatherman"?
um....oh yeah, CHECK. 

They are called "Changing Scene".  These ambient alt-indie rockers blend the sounds of surf rock, 80's nu wave and a touch of Mexican stand off duel music.  They are based right here in Southern Maryland, too. 
They are working on a new album right now with the same guy I'm currently working with, Matt Hinshaw.  (He also is the soundman for Sam Grow Band)
You want to hear them? 


If you head over to their page after hearing them, tell them I said hey!



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  • Patti

    Patti La Plata

    I love this band

    I love this band

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