I Was Marilyn Manson this Halloween….What do you think?

Cards against Humanity, Plastic Surgery Junkie, Greaser, Lumberjack, 70's Pimp, Trap Queen, Hawkeye….just some of the costumes I saw this weekend during my band's list of shows.  I went as Marilyn Manson and thanks to some great makeup work, I was quite happy with my costume!  Thank you to everyone who came out to the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore, MD on sat, it was a slammed house all night and was a great time.  

Me and Marilyn…..I know I know a stark change from my Singer/Songwriter look but I seriously enjoy looking scary to the crowd, it creates this very interesting dynamic when you're on stage.  I suggest fellow performers experimenting with make up and props and wardrobe, it's pretty fun!
The Horseshoe Casino was SLAMMED this Halloween and had an igneous idea of posting anyone's instagram photos from the night with the hashtag #hallowhorseshoe you can check instagram to see who posted their wild Halloween photos for the night. 

Post show….after thrashing and smearing the make-up everywhere. If Marilyn Manson was Italian, he might appear like this mid conversation.  PS - if you ever spray your hair a different color, be prepared to wash it about 5 times.

Rocking the crowd w/ The Piranhas!
Pretty ladies are always a staple of the dance floor at 1440 and suave guys dressed like playa's. 

And here's a little vid of us fusing Van Halen's "Eruption" with Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy...


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